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Terms and conditions.

1. 32 Tonic limited @ the Queens Head reserves the rights to cancel any hiring not less than 28 days before commencement and will provide the hirer with a full refund.

2. If the hirer cancels the booking more than 28 days before the function, a full refund will be given. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing to the Landlord Mr A Williams, at the Queens head Hanham.

3. If the hirer cancels the booking less than 28 days before the function, 50% of the hire fee will be refunded.

Alcohol and beverages not associated with 32 Tonic limited

1. The hirer may not bring drinks (alcohol or non-alcoholic) onto the premises for consumption.

2. If it is found that unauthorised drinks are brought into the premises and have been consumed, appropriate charges will apply.

3.Glasses although permitted in the garden’s rear and front, they are not permitted within the car park area or outside the pub boundaries.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure their guests stick to these rules.


1.The Queen’s head follows a no smoking policy. The hirer must ensure no guests smoke within the confines of the building.

2. The designated smoking areas are outside with available ashtrays.

It is kindly requested all cigarette butts are disposed of in the ashtray provided. 3. Smoking is not permitted outside the entrance or beside the function room



The Queen’s head will not tolerate drug taking on or in the premises and should we suspect this the police will be informed, and you will be asked to leave.


1. we will abide by U.K licencing laws and alcohol can only be served to persons 18 and over.

2. The hirer shall not encourage or permit underage drinking and shall co- operate with staff to ensure those, who are underage will not be sold, or receive intoxicating drinks.

3. Events such as 18th and 21st birthday functions will need an adult ratio of 3 adults per young person.


1. Management and event staff have the rights to refuse alcohol to anyone displaying anti- social behaviour or behaviour that is upsetting to staff and other customers.

2. We will accept no responsibility to cars or personal effects left unattended within the building or outside areas.

3. Bands and other music must not exceed 83 dB, at any given time.

4. Music must cease at 10.30, unless permission is given by the management.

5. we politely ask that you respect our neighbours whilst leaving our premiss

6. capacity for the function room is comfortably 40 seated with standing room.

7. A completed guest list will be required before the room is hired.


1.Meals should be pre -ordered and paid for 1 week before the function.

2. Meals must be paid for in full

3. meal charges are non-refundable.

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